Choose from four different collections to tell the story of the best day ever. Each one is tailored to include just what you want- from simple coverage and a USB drive of edited images to a full array of albums for the newlyweds and their parents.

Most popular price? $4000


We specialize in simchas, celebrations and sacraments! Whether you are hosting a baptism, First Communion, bar mitzvah, Sweet 16, or 100th birthday, you should be focused on your memorable occasion while we capture priceless memories.



My job is to capture the joy of family life in the most authentic way possible. I understand that each subject is unique in their personality and story. Milestone Images represents joy, distinction and style, the very best that is possible in portraiture.



You were referred to be by friends in the disability community. Is my child welcome?

You aren’t just welcome; you are celebrated! Growing up and living now in an extended special needs family, clients like us come to me for a patient, positive, nonjudgmental photo session. As you explore my galleries, you will see blind subjects posing with their guide dogs, individuals with Down Syndrome, people with cochlear implants, brides with walkers, slow dances in wheelchairs and the full spectrum of neurodivergence in all its glory. From quirks to emotional support animals, the need for no flash and low noise, Milestone Images meets you where you are, embracing and capturing the essence of you and your loved ones.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm in Nanuet, NY in the New York City suburbs of Rockland County. I love to travel! In my 40 years, I've been to five continents and counting. (South America and Antarctica, we will DO this post-pandemic!)

Although I shoot a lot of weddings in NYC, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut, I also regular travel to New England, Pennsylvania and the DC Metro area. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot weddings as far away as Florida or Illinois. The furthest I’ve ever gone for a wedding is New Delhi, India.

Weddings within 100 miles of New City, NY do not incur a travel fee. There is a $100 travel fee for weddings beyond a 100-mile radius. Weddings that require an overnight stay, air travel and/or a rental car are charged on a “you pay what I pay” basis with a possible per diem if travel times exceed 8 hours round trip. I crash with family and friends whenever possible to save on accommodation costs.

There are so many wedding photographers out there, and there are many who are cheaper, frankly. Why should we work with you?

My clients choose to work with me because they know they can trust me with their wedding memories. With more than 200 weddings under my belt and twenty years of experience, I have my act together. I’m at the top of my game in terms of the best equipment, highest quality products, most comprehensive and thorough data backup for my clients’ photos, the most competent second shooters and excellent customer service. From online contracts to credit card processing, my entire workflow is designed to make me easy and pleasant to work with.

My wedding clients know they can count on receiving amazing candids, artistic portraits, flattering group shots, and gorgeous detail shots. They want the whole package: beautiful photographs, professional and personable client care, one-of-a-kind products and the freedom to own, print and share their wedding photographs however they choose. I strive to be worth every penny.

Plus, I work my butt off for my clients. (It’s true; I have no butt. It fell off back in 2011.)

I see a lot of people who are pretty, witty and gay in your portfolio. We're gay! Are you cool with that?

Of course! I shot my first wedding with two beautiful brides in 2005 and plenty ever since. It’s not a new thing for me, nor is it something I have to “get comfortable” with. I’m comfortable! Let’s do this!

Oh, and I won’t ask you, “Which one of you is the man?” if you’re a lesbian couple. Neither of you; that’s what makes you gay. I get that. Also, if your DJ is confused and thinks your maid of honor is the bride when it's actually a wedding for two grooms, I will be super nice and totally discreet as I let him know before he says anything else over that mic.

Oh, and one more thing. Gender creative, non-binary individuals, genderqueer and trans* folks are safe with me. Names and pronouns are respected always, and photos can be kept far from the internet if you're not out at work or anywhere else.

In fact, if you're still figuring out wedding attire for your personal blend of fabulousness at the crossroads of gender creativity, I can help! I've photographed my fair share of "brooms" (Get it? Get it? Kind of like a bride but also like a groom? I can't take credit; one of my client brooms in 2018 made it up), I've got photos for your Pinterest board with all the hair and style inspiration your authentic self has been seeking.

Now, let’s talk about when you’re getting married and your vision for your wedding photography, because THAT'S what I really care about.