When I was planning my wedding, I cringed when I got to this screen. I was in the mood to plan my wedding NOW. How long was THIS gonna take? I solemnly swear that you will hear from me, Angie, a real person within 1-12 hours. I practically have a WiFi signal implanted at the base of my skull. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, it's possible that your message was eaten by cybermonkeys (I'm lookin' at you, Samsung phones) and you should email me at Want to hear from me, like, super fast? Text me at 914-582-5924.

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"Angie was so wonderful and easy to work with! We had to reschedule our wedding due to the pandemic, and she was so understanding and patient with us. The pictures came out amazing! She made us feel so comfortable and was such a pleasure to work with!"

-Gabriella P.