Angie is a photographer, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and all-around crazy animal lady living in the Hudson Valley with her husband, two boys, dog, cat and six chickens. A photojournalist with an award-winning career before the newspaper industry went *kerplunk,* Angie has a degree in photography from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Her work has appeared in media outlets throughout the country, including the New York Times, Newsday, USA Today, and the global newswire of the Associated Press.

She brings her passion for capturing decisive moments and her committed belief in keeping diversity in front of her camera to her work for private clients, telling human stories in candid, emotional and artistic photographs.

A gleeful and principled omnivore who went a little nuts with quarantine cooking, Angie ran with the whole sourdough craze and ending up boiling pork bones for ramen stock, rendering her own lard for tamales, and churning herb butter with rosemary she grew in her own garden. Although she has loved her documenting intimate elopements and socially distant micro weddings, Angie looks forward to soon having no more time for butter-churning. That would mean the world is returning to normal, and newlyweds can once again rock out on crowded dance floors.



“When I started emailing photographers after getting engaged, the first line was always, "We're in kind of an odd situation: we're having a Cambodian wedding and an American wedding..." Angie replied almost immediately and had already started doing research on Cambodian wedding ceremonies and their traditions! Angie took a record-breaking amount of pictures that weekend and according to everyone's compliments, they completely catch the beauty and joy of our weddings.”

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