FAQs – A Conversation With Angie

A. I recently read an article on a forum for professional wedding photographers that said, “Today’s brides want the best of everything, they know they deserve it, and they’ll stop short of nothing to get it. From booking reception locations to florists and caterers, they spare no expense.” Which… what? I seriously want to email this person and say, “Today’s brides are more thoughtful than ever before on how their celebration impacts their families, honors their communities and strengthens their kinship ties. From booking appropriate venues to making their own bouquets to thoughtfully choosing vendors, they want to love authentically, celebrate joyfully and plan their weddings practically and consciously.” I don’t know who these folks are working with, but their clients aren’t as cool as mine. My clients choose to work with me because they know they can trust me with their wedding memories. With more than 150 weddings under my belt and eighteen years of experience, I have my act together. I’m at the top of my game in terms of the best equipment, highest quality products, most comprehensive and thorough data backup for my clients’ photos, the most competent second shooters and excellent customer service. From online contracts to credit card processing, my entire workflow is designed to make me easy and pleasant to work with.

My wedding clients know they can count on receiving amazing candids, artistic portraits, flattering group shots, and gorgeous detail shots. They want the whole package: beautiful photographs, professional and personable client care, one-of-a-kind products and the freedom to own, print and share their wedding photographs however they choose. I strive to be worth every penny.

Plus, I work my butt off for my clients. (It’s true; I have no butt. It fell off back in 2012.)

A. Session fees start at $400 for newborn, family and pinup portraiture, with the average portrait session costing between $400-$900 when all is said and done. I’m very flexible in terms of offering prints for sale or digital files on a USB drive, so the price varies according to your needs. I am comfortable working on location, hosting you in my in-home studio, or bringing all the lights, backdrops and props to you! (That’s definitely the best way to get great newborn pictures, where your child is most at ease with their favorite comfort items in easy reach!) Weddings packages start at $500 for courthouse elopements and go all the way up to $7500 for my top package, which includes everything but the kitchen sink.

A. There are three popular wedding packages, all of which include the rights to high-resolution, edited files that best tell the story of your day. They cost $2800, $3600 and $4800 respectively with different numbers of hours, an engagement session and albums included at the higher price points. I love shooting a variety of different kinds of weddings. It keeps my vision fresh and my shooting at the top of my game. Since my first wedding in 2000, I’ve encountered just about every kind of event in every imaginable type of venue. I also regularly offer discounts and promotions throughout the year, because I like being accessible to people who are on a tight budget, but still really value amazing photography. The best thing to do is get in touch today!

A. Look, I love working with people in love. If that describes you and your beloved, then count me in! One of the great things about being as busy as I am- and I’m booking well into 2019- is that I get to meet a lot of interesting people and try all kinds of things. If one couple isn’t up for one of my more creative posing ideas, then the next one will be. I don’t believe it’s my job as a photographer to impose my will on your wedding day. I am absolutely on your team; I will help in any way I can, and I promise not to yell at your grandma during the posed photos. Everyone has a horror story about a mean wedding photographer. That’s just not how I roll.That said, I am very proud to serve a lot of diverse kinds of clients. Keeping diversity in all its forms in front of my camera is extremely important to me. I am also very comfortable working with people of all walks of life. You have people in your family who use wheelchairs, have dementia or who are on the autism spectrum? Me, too. I’ve worked with brides who are blind, maids of honor who are nonverbal, bar mitzvah boys who are not neurotypical, and people who don’t walk. Y’all are my people.

A. Of course! I’ve been shooting gay weddings before gay weddings were legal anywhere. It’s not a new thing for me, nor is it something I have to “get comfortable” with. I’m comfortable! Let’s do this! Oh, and I won’t ask you, “Which one of you is the man?” if you’re a lesbian couple. Neither of you; that’s what makes you gay. I get that. Now, let’s talk about when and where you’re getting married. :)
A. This is actually something I feel very strongly about, and I felt the same way when my husband and I were planning our wedding. I am happy to do conference calls, CC you both, and generally acknowledge that your groom-to-be is important, too.
A. Absolutely. Although I shoot a lot of weddings in NYC, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut, I also regular travel to New England, Pennsylvania and the DC Metro area. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot weddings as far away as Florida or Illinois. The furthest I’ve ever gone for a wedding is New Delhi, India. Weddings within 100 miles of New City, NY do not incur a travel fee. There is a $100 travel fee for weddings beyond a 100-mile radius. Weddings that require an overnight stay, air travel and/or a rental car are charged on a “you pay what I pay” basis with a possible per diem if travel times exceed 8 hours round trip. I crash with family and friends whenever possible to save on accommodation costs.


    • Lady Zombie
    • April 12, 2016
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    I hope everything is amazing with you, daddy-o and the little one. I MISS YOU. How is work going in conjunction with motherhood?

      • Angela
      • May 26, 2016
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      It's so good! I'm so lucky that both my human baby and work baby are thriving!

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