Terra and Jason: Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Terra and Jason: Connecticut Wedding Photographer

Terra and Jason’s wedding was deeply personal and completely wonderful. Terra created all of the decor and little details herself, from the centerpieces (all herbs in pretty containers that the guests clamored to take home) to their wish tree to handpainted signs to all of the tiny flags naming each and every type of cookie on their sweets buffet, and all of it was worth it because of something Jason said in a toast to his bride. He praised Terra for planning every detail and then making it all happen, and he said, with a smile, “I can’t believe that this is the party you imagined for our wedding.” Terra thought of everything, and Jason loved it (and loves her.)

In addition to the sweetness of the bride and groom’s happiness, I also have to say that Terra also did one of the nicest, most touching things I’ve ever seen done at a wedding, which, considering I shot three weddings this weekend alone, that’s saying something. She thanked her sister for being an awesome matron of honor and mentioned that she and her husband had a small wedding years before, one where they never got to have a first dance. She found out her sister and brother-in-law’s song, and then surprised them with a slow dance of their own, to their song. There was not a dry eye in the reception tent, and that’s includes me.

Thanks not only to the happy couple but also to their families for their warm welcome and cooperation during a very intense photo session. Because we were able to move so quickly, we were able to get the schedule back on track and do all the photos before the ceremony, which meant everyone got to enjoy every minute of the party. There was a full, barbecued pig to tackle, after all, and it was delicious. Special thanks to the bride and groom’s sisters, both of them, for helping everything run smoothly when it really counted. You were great! Congratulations, Jason and Terra!

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