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The day before Emily and Ben got engaged, Emily had a really bad day. So Ben picked her up and was determined to cheer her up. They watched a Japanese animated fantasy film by Hayao Miyazaki (Emily’s favorite), got some food, stayed up all night and walked to a nearby park to watch the sunrise, which is something they like to do.

Emily drifted off to sleep on the bench. As the sun started to brighten the sky, Ben pulled the ring out of his pocket, ready to propose. Emily had a hard time waking up, asking him to let her sleep just a little longer, having no idea he was about to pop the question. She woke up, and they started a whole new adventure together.

Their wedding day was really intimate and lovely. They got married at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Scarsdale before having a reception under a tent in the backyard of Emily’s childhood home. It was so personal. Emily wore her mother’s wedding dress for most of the day, which was doubly special because her grandmother made it for her mom back in the day. Her mother made the cake, which was absolute gorgeous (with a gluten-free, vegan layer just for the bride!) with amazing flowers made out of modeling chocolate.

The toasts were emotional, with just the right blend of humor, kindness, insight, music and a lot of love. In fact, I’d say that sums the couple up quite nicely. Emily rocked the mic for a musical number of her own, and guests and bridal party members played the guitar under trees in the yard.

Emily told me that she never had that “lightning bolt” moment where it occurred to her that Ben was “the one.” He just started to feel like home. For a girl who wanted a wedding at home, that’s the ultimate compliment. May your home be ever filled with music, laughter, romance and vibrant color. Congratulations, Bemily! :)

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