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Will and Marcy had one of the most stressful run-up-to-the-big-day pre-wedding weeks I’ve ever heard of. The power went out and stayed out. Then the utility company accidentally cut off the water while trying to fix the electricity and couldn’t figure out how to turn it back on. The hair trial… well, let’s just say it’s a good thing that there WAS a hair trial, so that Plan B could be put into action. There was some dress drama involving seven inches having to be cut off from one side, and the wedding forecast called for temperatures nearing 100 degrees. “Hang in there,” I kept telling Marcy as we emailed back and forth, finalizing the last draft of the schedule and shot list. “It’s almost time for the really, really good part.”

And then the big day arrived. Everything came together, and Will shed a tear or two as Marcy floated down the aisle toward him in a perfect, totally even, absolutely gorgeous white dress with her impeccably styled hair swept elegantly off her neck in the (thankfully air-conditioned) church on a beautiful day. It was hot, yes, but it was a lovely summer day. Will literally swept her feet in their first dance, and as the dance floor rocked with family and friends, Marcy and I took a moment to jump up and down while she beamed, “You were so right!” They were married, and it was, officially, the really, really good part.

Congratulations, you guys. I am so, so happy for you. Here’s hoping every day of your honeymoon is as blissful as your wedding day… you have definitely earned some rest and relaxation. :)

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