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Okay, so… this blog entry features photos that are about as far away from what I posted yesterday as you can possibly get! (Dear job: I heart you.)

DonnaMarie and Ricky are newlyweds. DM is an actual rock star, in like, an actual metal band. So their wedding was a “heavy metal cabaret” in the bowery. For the record, I wasn’t there. They got married the same day as Saumya and Sandeep (if you account for the time change), although I would have LOVED to shoot their wedding.

You know what? Just go check out their wedding website. I can’t even begin to describe it. *whistling while you go check out their site* Uh huh! See? I know, right? Don’t you so wish you had been there? The afterparty alone would have been awesome: the fan dancer? the bellydancers? In short, it would have been a wedding shoot unlike any other. I only saw a few proofs, but heir photographer did a great job for them. I also saw a short segment of their wedding video-so great.

So I feel particularly lucky that they contacted me to do a trash the dress shoot, though I really feel like we need to call it a “rock the dress” shoot. DM is having her dressmaker repurpose her red wedding dress into a cocktail dress, so we were extra careful of the fabric down in the subway.

I feel like I should make very clear, also, that while the theme of this shoot could have more or less summed up as “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll: the fallout,” for the most part? This is all theater. Ricky is covered in stage blood. DM is famous for the fact that her makeup never runs, even after a 75-minute set, so that makes this shoot all the more ironic.

While the shot glass was one of their actual wedding favors, and Ricky did actually drink about half of the exploding drink in the third picture, no one was injured, maimed or hung over after our session, which took place on a Sunday evening in their colorful Forest Hills apartment and featured a lot of off-camera playing with their three adorable cats. So disappointingly vanilla compared to the pictures, no?

Okay, enough chatting. Without further ado… DM and Ricky’s Rock the Dress shoot.

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There were so many things I loved about Bill and Jess’s wedding! The bride and groom’s families were so warm and welcoming. Joel and I felt at home right away. It was a gorgeous, windy October day, which made Jess’s custom veil (with purple calla lilies accents!) do amazing things.

I’ve shot a few weddings in Connecticut in the past month, and each time, the leaves were just not quite as vibrant with autumnal colors as I would have hoped from New England. They seemed to be changing late this year, which was great for Bill and Jess… I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that it wouldn’t rain so we could take lots of photos outside.

Bill and Jess planned a full two hours for photos, which means both David from Fairy Tale Studio and I had a lot of time to do really creative things, but neither of us were anticipating a leaf fight… (Love it!)

We got so lucky during the ceremony, when the church just filled with gorgeous light during a family blessing, and then again when there was an ice cream truck parked outside immediately after mass.

They were serenaded by Kermit the Frog (with a little help from the maid of honor) for their first dance, and there *may* have been a second “Thriller” dance lead by yours truly, which Jess specifically requested after reading the entry below. This is going to become a thing now, I think. It is, isn’t it?

Anyway, I had two weddings back to back this weekend, which I almost never, ever do. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of my kickass second shooter (and husband) Joel, who so often doesn’t get enough credit. This weekend he drove us back late, charged up all the batteries and re-packed all the gear so I could shoot another wedding on Sunday. (More on that later!) Thank you, honey.

Okay, enough chatter from me, check out the photos! Congratulations you guys! Have fun in Mexico!

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This weekend Joel and I got to photograph Angela and Jason’s wedding at Peek ‘n Peak Ski Lodge and Golf Resort (there’s more golf than skiing at the moment, as you might have guessed) earlier today. Between Karla Cadeau coming in from Canada to help out with this huge event, plus an ongoing wine and jazz fest AND getting to see some awesome people I had a great time with at Michelle and Travis’ wedding in 2006, it felt like more fun than work. Congratulations, newlyweds! Your wedding was just awesome.

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