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This past weekend, I went to New Hampshire for Katie and Jon’s wedding on the Dartmouth College campus followed by a reception at the nearby Montshire Museum of Science, an innovative children’s museum that also hosts celebrations.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about weddings in recent years is the way the world is truly smaller in this age of technology and travel. People very rarely get married in their hometowns, and even if they do, people are far more likely to come from different places. This couple is living in New England for the bride’s graduate work, so most of the guests traveled to be with them.

And yet, everyone came together from far-flung parts of the country with a real sense of community. Katie is an active parishioner at the church, which meant that the ceremony was truly personal. The acolytes and servers were Katie’s Sunday School middle-schoolers, and the minister crafted his entire message around the couple’s love of games, incorporating Jon’s hobbies and personality (and Ultimate Frisbee metaphors) into the homily. This gaming theme was reflected in everything from the centerpieces to the boutonnieres to the best man’s toast.

I actually met the groom (and three groomsmen) at the best man’s wedding in 2009, and though I’ve said this before, there’s still nothing I love more than getting to see my clients again a few years down the road, standing up for family and friends and busting a move on the dance floor with ties worn Rambo-style around their heads.

This wedding was everything the bride and groom wanted- from an intellectual, faith-filled ceremony to a rocking dance party in, among, and around the science museum’s interactive exhibits. The museum’s displays change several times a year, but right now they are all about the passing of time. The guests played with slow-motion photography, documented the exact moment popcorn kernels pop and danced around aquariums of incubating turtle eggs. For an academic couple promising to be together for the rest of their lives, I can’t think of anything more fitting. I am so happy for you!

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Jennie and Jeremy’s had a beautiful wedding day on 9/10/11. Jennie meticulously planned every detail, and the early autumn New England weather could not have more perfect. The couple surprised everyone by having a bagpiper greet everyone when they arrived at the church. Jeremy’s wedding ring has the words “my soul mate” inscribed in Gaelic around the outside of it, and truly, THEY ARE. You could see it in the way they danced together as gorgeous sunset light streamed onto the dance floor, and the way he looked at her when she sang to him at the reception. May you always be as happy together as you were on your wedding day, and thank you for having me be the one to capture it for you. Congratulations!


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