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Every so often, I share things that I shoot just for me. Not for clients or family obligations or compensation or any reason other than the fact that I want to challenge myself, spend time in nature and create art. These were taken months ago, but my third trimester of pregnancy is forcing me to put my feet up, which means I can update my blog!














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I firmly believe that the places we go change us. Maybe just a little, maybe a lot. I’ve been so lucky to travel the world, both for work and for play, and I’ve found that some experiences just stay with you, for better or worse. And sometimes, a place you’ve never been to before captures your imagination and feels like home, even as you discover it for the first time.

For my husband Joel, Moab, UT is such a place. He has a tremendous spiritual connection to the Southwest, the exotic geography and dramatic landscapes. Moab is kind of a haven for hippies and European families in rented RVs and mountain bikers in better physical condition than most people can ever hope to be (::: raises hand meekly:::) Joel has been dying to take me there ever since our first date, which lasted into the wee hours of morning and almost made him his flight for his third trip to Moab.

One thing after another kept us from taking a trip to Moab together, until last week. We spent Easter morning shooting sunbeams of light down in Lower Antelope Canyon. These were some seriously incredible sunbeams. We emerged from the canyon peaceful and renewed, as if we’d been to church. These are my favorite pictures from the trip. This is what I do on my days off.

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