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Samantha and Adam’s wedding marks the beginning of a new era for Milestone Images. One of the reasons I didn’t call my business “Photography by Angela Gaul” was that I always toyed with the idea of sending other photographers out under the auspices of my studio. Although this business is my baby, I’ve always envisioned it having potential to be bigger than just me.

When Samantha got in touch, I was already talking to another couple about shooting their wedding on the same date, but she really wanted to work with Milestone Images. I decided to set Sam and Adam up with the best, most trustworthy wedding photographer I’ve ever worked with- my own! Five years ago, I flew Anne Ruthmann in from Indiana to shoot Joel’s and my wedding because I didn’t love anyone else’s work as much as hers. Presently, Anne and her husband just relocated to New York, and she had availability on October 6th since she’s building up her clientele in this new market. It worked out perfectly! I am pleased and proud to present Anne’s photos of Sam and Adam’s wedding.

Now, both Sam and Anne used the word “chaotic” to describe the wedding day, as weddings so often are, particularly when the guests are a fun-loving, vibrant community as Sam and Adam’s relatives clearly are. The throngs of happy dancers, the heartfelt blessings, the tears of joy and the romantic songs- including one sung just for the bride by the groom- all just go to show how love can lift us up from the logistical stresses of ordinary life for one extraordinary day.

From the “hired goons” guarding the room where the newlyweds observed yichud to the adorable flower girl’s first taste of the wedding cake, to crazy schtick involving the bestowing of babies upon the newlyweds to honor the bride’s aspiration to become a midwife, to the bookish centerpieces and- somewhat mysteriously to me- a traditional judge’s coif and gavels, all I can say is that I wish I could have been in two places at once on Sunday!

May these photographs always remind you how much you love each other and that your joy and connection supersedes all of life’s crazy chaos. Congratulations!

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I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for months, especially after our awesome engagement session last summer at the New York Renaissance Faire. Although this wasn’t a full-on theme wedding with garb and weaponry, the bride and groom did a beautiful job of bringing together family and friends with plenty of personal touches that reflect their hobbies, including gaming and involvement with the Society for Creative Anachronism. It was “medieval with a modern twist,” and it was amazing.

That said, I am so thrilled to show you happy this couple was on their wedding day. From the moment they saw each other at the Old Westbury Gardens, they had a beautiful day, and they deserved every joyful moment. Now, I strongly believe that love conquers all. Every person on this earth deserves to find someone who makes them happy, to stand in front of their family and friends and say, “This person completes me. I choose this, today and always.” BUT…. Mike and Faye really have been through the wringer these past few weeks, including having their apartment burn down less than two weeks ago.

They needed a wonderful day and a fresh start into a new life together like no other couple I’ve ever photographed, and they had it. They, along with their community, made it happen. They reached out for joy, cupped in their hands and drank in every moment of romance and laughter and love. Faye surprised Mike with a video from his brother who sent a best man toast over the Internet after his military leave was unexpectedly cancelled, and she arranged for all their LARPer friends to jump up and form an arch of boffer weapons for them to recess through at the end of the ceremony. I have a lot of favorite photos from this day, but I think Mike’s face as the newlyweds walked back down the aisle (and he realizes what Faye arranged, just to make him smile) says it all.

My hope for this couple is not only for a long, happy marriage, but also a period of peace as they take on the future. Things have been hard, no doubt, but my wish for them is that life will only get better and better moving forward. If this amazing wedding is any indication, it already has. Here’s to a relaxing honeymoon in Costa Rica! I wish you nothing but the best, you guys. :)

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Sandra and Andre had a masquerade ball-themed reception at the lovely Douglaston Manor, a golf club and event venue in Queens which will also be the site of another of my client couple’s weddings in the coming year. There’s just something about this place that inspires a sense of fantasy and whimsy. I love, love, love this first shot taken through the mask, but be sure to click on the second one to get a sense of the bride and groom in their dramatic masquerade mode. This may be a picture that I love because of the creative inspiration and fun I had taking it. It makes more sense when you see the second one.

I think everyone who gets married has A Moment where it hits him or her… this is really happening. For Sandy, it was the second she saw herself in her wedding dress in the mirror, and I was so grateful once again that she and Andre had decided to have a First Look as a couple. Sandy is as glamorous as Andre is gentle and kind. She wept all the way into his arms, but as soon as she was in her beloved’s embrace, everything got better. We got all the posed formals out of the way before the ceremony, which gave us lots of time to see the ballroom all prettied up and take lots of creative shots during cocktail hour.

As lovely as the ceremony was and as touching as the first look was, I think the best part was the reception. Sandy and Andre and their guests can DANCE. They also had a hilarious and rocking’ garter and bouquet toss combo, with a blindfolded switcheroo, much to the surprise of a certain male guest. Congratulations, Sandy and Andre! I wish you every happiness, and I was honored to be a part of your day.

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