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Alexander is 2. He is a sweet, sweet boy who I was lucky enough to photograph when he was a tiny baby, a less tiny baby and a big boy turning one and having his first taste of cake. We squeezed in his session right before Christmas, and oh, his mom and I had big plans… Gingerbread men and snowflake backdrops and fake snow and all kinds of hats and props.

Well, Alexander has a mind of his own, and he just wasn’t having it. Nuh-uh, no way, no how. He wasn’t going to do or wear anything that he didn’t want to do or wear. Oh, we tried. We even called Santa. Instead, our shoot became a “Day in the life of Alexander: Age 2″ session, and I actually have to say, I love what we got even more than what we had planned. Playing with Legos, pushing a fire truck next to Smush, (the best pug ever,) cuddling on the bed, visiting the “big b

oy” bed he’s not quite sleeping in yet, and playing with SuperGrover is kind of this little guy’s world right now. I even love the pouty one where he comforted himself with his favorite monkey blanket.

I’m so glad glad he let me be a part of his world for an afternoon (and yes, I’m extra glad for the few nice shots in front of the snowflake background while wearing his Christmas vest, plus the nice photos we got with his grandmother in front of the holly bush.) Thanks for reminding me to live and love in the moment, Alexander. You’re growing up, and I am so proud.

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