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It’s been a while since I’ve photographed Talon and his parents, and he’s become such a big boy since last April… and a big brother! He’s so sweet with his baby sister, although he wasn’t 100%thrilled when I posed her in HIS wagon. :) We lulled Parker to sleep with a hairdryer, a tip I picked up on the Pictage forums, to get the sleepy angel baby shots, and I’m so glad we went for it. Enjoy!

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I just managed to squeeze in a maternity session with Kelisha and Bernard on their baby girl’s due date. I got really lucky because Kelisha started having contractions shortly after I left. Baby Riley is here! I also have to confess that I was completely charmed by big brother Blake. He was so sweet and smart, pointing out and (accurately!) naming cars by brand as we walked to a nearby park on one of the first “nice” weather days (a balmy 39 degrees Fahrenheit) we’ve had in a while. I can’t wait to take photos of their newborn daughter in the next week or so, but even more than that, I feel really honored and privileged to be with them documenting their last day as a family of three. Congrats!

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