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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Jon and Helena for their engagement session. They came all the way from D.C. for the shoot, although they’re both from the area and will be getting married in New York in January. I haven’t laughed this hard with a client couple in a long time. The first thing they asked me was if I thought it would be okay to shoot in Shakespeare and Company, a very cool indie bookstore on Lexington Avenue, and if I’d be up for with doing a lot of various things to get all kinds of shots.

I told them that last weekend I climbed over a fence to get into a sheep pen and my general shooting philosophy is adapted from the 1970s animated Disney version of “Robin Hood,” you know the one with the foxes? I started to sing the chorus from the song, Oo De Lally, that goes, “Little John and Robin Hood, running though the forest, hopping fences and dodging trees, trying to get away.” That’s me on a shoot: running through a forest, hopping fences, dodging trees and trying to get away, although this time I was trying to get away from the security guard at the Cloisters who shut us down DESPITE THE THOUSANDS OF ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS ON THE INTERNET TAKEN AT THE CLOISTERS I AM STILL VERY CROSS ABOUT THIS GRRR ARG BOO.

Anyway, they were totally cool with my impression of a medieval cartoon rooster minstrel, which is always a good sign, I think. We cracked up all afternoon, and then they drove all the way back to D.C. in time for work today. I am so thankful for that, you guys, and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding!

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