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Okay, so you already know from my previous entry that Claire and Phil had a lovely, intimate wedding officiated by Phil’s aunt in her home in the mountains of Quebec. Yesterday, I waxed poetic about the rolling mountains, fields of wildflowers and gorgeous landscapes, and now you get to see what happens when a couple puts their complete and total faith in me and lets me run amok in such a beautiful place.

I should back up a bit. My husband Joel’s family owns a lovely little cabin on Lac Equerre in Canada. They built it themselves in the late 50s. My mother-in-law can remember stripping the bark off the logs that form the cabin walls as a little girl. It’s pretty much my happy place. I told Joel that if I die first, he should look for me there in the afterlife (unless it’s too crowded with Joel’s extended family members, because I’m pretty sure it’s their Heaven, too. Then I’ll be at the spa down the road, haunting the hot tub.)

Last summer, we barely managed to squeeze in a couple of days there because I had a lot of August weddings, and I thought, “What if I shot a wedding up HERE?” I started imagining photos on the lake, then photos IN the lake, and then I started poking around the dock with an oar to see exactly how deep it was because it would really, really suck if I talked someone into leaping into the lake and then she drowned. I took out an ad on Offbeat Bride asking for couples getting married near Mont Tremblant, and Claire emailed me an hour later. It was meant to be.

The only thing was, she didn’t really want to destroy her wedding dress. I totally get that. Also, her dress (although it was a fantastic, short, beaded little number that looked ravishing on her) wasn’t quite the flouncy fabric I was envisioning the newlyweds rockin’ as they took a flying leap off the dock. I also wanted the dress to float, and I didn’t want something heavy to weigh her down. So I found this dress on sale, and voila! We were off and running.

There’s one more thing I want to tell you about before I show you these pictures, because I LOVE THEM. We got really, really lucky with the weather. The forecast was calling for 70% chance of dreary with intermittent downpours of “Angie, Just Go Take Another Nap, You’re at the Cabin” all week. We got a little sunshine on the wedding day, and then it began to rain as we shot the first few pictures at the Arundel post office. Then, the sun came out, and I was on the lookout for a rainbow. Claire and Phil were following Joel and I in their car, and at one point, we abruptly turned into an elementary school parking lot since I saw a rainbow. It faded almost instantly, before Claire and Phil even saw it, confirming their suspicions that yes, their photographer is a crazy woman.

I didn’t help matters as I jumped out of the car after driving through a covered bridge shrieking, “Diamonds of light! Diamonds of light! Run! Hold hands! Jump! Don’t get hit by that car!” (You’ll see what I mean by “diamonds of light” in the bridge shot below.) We began to race the setting sun as we worked our way from Arundel to Lac Equerre, trying and failing to find a certain field of wildflowers I had seen the day before that had a path cut through it so Claire and Phil wouldn’t have to tramp through the tall grass and cope with the bugs. Troopers that they were, Claire and Phil tramped into a different field, bugs and all. However, what I failed to see at the time was that the Plan B field that I DID make them tramp through had a rainbow in the sky behind it. I didn’t see it at the time. But here it is, in all its serendipity, rainbow and all.

(Thank you, thank you, thank you, Phil and Claire.)

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It all started on OkCupid. Phil and Claire hit it off, but then things…. sputtered a bit, as they sometimes do. One day, Phil called. He wanted to see her. But the thing was, Claire had eaten this piece of leftover chicken from KFC, which was turning about to be a HUGE mistake. She said as much, but he insisted. She gave in, and he showed up with ginger ale. Sometimes Cupid uses the internet, and sometimes he strikes when you’re curled up on the bathroom floor, and you realize… The love of your life? THE ONE? He’s the guy holding your hair.

Claire and Phil got married in Quebec, in a small town in the Laurentides, or the Laurentian mountains if you don’t speak French, which both of them do. Farmland and meadows of wildflowers meet rolling mountains and curvy rivers spanned by covered bridges. (More on this tomorrow!) Phil’s aunt and her husband own a spectacular, rambling farmhouse with a wraparound porch. That’s where they said their vows, on the porch, before uncles barbequed summer vegetables and salmon and roast beef in the backyard. There was a beer tent and homemade cake, a brooch bouquet and apple cider donuts. It was intimate and lovely, and Claire’s sister flew in all the way from Japan. All of these little details and loved ones came together under a candlelit tent.

Here’s the thing. If you like the wedding pictures, just wait until you see what we shot the next day, when Claire and Phil put their trust in me completely and jumped, fully clothed, into a lake. Uh Huh. Part Two, coming soon….

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