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I took particular pleasure in watching Brian and Michelle have a blast at their wedding reception. See, I have this theory. At every wedding, someone is falling in love. It might be grandparents falling in love with each other all over again as they hold hands in the front row. It might be a couple married for ten years as they dance to a slow song that just happened the same one they chose for their first dance as a married couple. Not often, but occasionally, it might be two people meeting for the first time.

Six years ago, at different wedding, Brian and Michelle were the ones falling in love. The bride says that she just knew, as Brian put her in a cab at the end of the night, she was in trouble. He was just different. He was the one.

Her friends knew, too, and believe me, Michelle has friends. She had 14 bridesmaids, and even more remarkable, there was no drama among the women. She had a maid of honor, a matron of honor and twelve other attendants- a beloved cousin, an awesome co-worker, but even more than that- she had her best friends from childhood onward, all there to cheer her on last Saturday. They were all beautiful, and supportive, and fun.

Her maid of honor told me that she knew Brian was different, that they really had something special, because Michelle could really be herself around him. Her matron of honor, Brian’s sister, knew Michelle was the one because she had never seen her brother so happy.

So, on Saturday, after six years together and a year planning a wedding together after Brian proposed on a walk in Brooklyn, they tied the knot. Friends and family came from as far away as Poland and Australia. They included everyone, all the nieces and nephews who could physically walk* served as flower girls and ring-bearers. (*There were some adorable babes in arms that served as honorary wedding party members).

Both of their moms just beamed as they watched them in their first dance. Michelle danced with her brother; then Brian danced with his mom… and that was it for formalities. They had a gorgeous cake, but no cake-cutting ceremony. Michelle carried a beautiful sunflower bouquet, but she didn’t want to throw it to all her single friends.

There were just too many people to hug, too many friends to greet, too much fun to be had to stop partying and dancing for a single second. For a couple who fell in love at a wedding reception, it was a joy to watch them soak up every moment.

The happy couple is, as far as I can tell, relaxing by their private pool in Costa Rica. (Jealous!) I KNOW the beaches are warmer than the oceanfront where we took pictures last weekend, but as a photographer? I THANK YOU ALL, you beautiful freezing bridesmaids, for posing for me. The sunset on Saturday was gorgeous light, and I couldn’t be prouder to show these to you! Congrats!

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There are no words to describe how I much LOVED shooting this session. Maybe because the bride-to-be was a bridesmaid in one of my favorite weddings of 2012, or because the session itself took place in my favorite beach town where I’ve been vacationing every summer since I was five. Maybe it was the perfection of the autumn leaves or the adorable-ness of Boomer, the couple’s 5-month-old rescue dog. It could be because Doghead Fish Brewery has special meaning to my family or because this couple did everything I asked of them, from riding a tandem bike in spike heels to braving a flock of seagulls in a town where, frankly, the birds can bring aggression to Alfred Hitchhock levels. Maybe it was the amazing weather, the fact that my mom was my dog wrangler, or the fact that this couple is truly in love, and their radiance shines on everyone around them. Maybe it was all these things. This wedding is more than a year away, and I can’t wait! Congrats and many, many thanks!

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