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On Saturday, I got to shoot Shane on his first birthday! This was a treat for me, because I not only shot his newborn portraits last Spring, but I also shot his parents’ wedding and their maternity portraits, so I was really honored to be there when his aunties and grandmas and parents gathered to sing “Happy Birthday.”

Shane is just gorgeous. I can’t believe how much he’s grown since we got him to fall asleep in a basket in his Knicks onesie. Now he’s like, THROWING balls and trying to run outside the apartment into the hallway (not on my watch, little man) and cutting multiple TEETH, Good Lord, child, SLOW DOWN. :) I do love that I got to catch his first taste of cake and do the full tricked-out boy session. Many thanks to my baby-wrangler (Jasra), smile-inspirer (Althea and grandmas) and flag banner holders and auntie-extraordinaires. I actually love the shots with the props, and I hope you all do, too.

Happy birthday, buddy. Keep growing big and strong and healthy, and I hope to see you soon.

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On Wednesday I had my second session with Alexander, who I am pleased and proud to say is SITTING UP all by himself- how time flies! He was so good during our shoot. This first shot cracks me UP. He is such a smiley, happy baby…. except for the mohawk hat. He hates his mohawk hat. Even then, I managed to catch a few non-screamy ones at the end. See you in the Spring, little man. Be good to your mama.

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One of my most commented upon photos ever taken at a wedding was from Cydney and Jonathan’s wedding last September. Cyd was pregnant, and her dad brought a vintage shotgun to the wedding. This really wasn’t creepy at all- it was actually really sweet- because her dad was SO EXCITED to be a grandpa. Well, baby is Isaac is here! In fact, he’s 8 months old and completely adorable. I was so excited to try out the sock money hat setup; Isaac was less thrilled. (Sorry, buddy.) Also, there were dogs, and as I said the other day, dogs AND a baby just kill me with the cuteness. Enjoy!

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This session was a pure joy for me, not only because Alexander is an incredibly sweet baby boy (Oh my goodness, those cheeks! NOM NOM NOM) but also because he’s the son of an old friend from the newspaper where I used to work. Alexander’s mom Jenny has been on a journey toward motherhood, and I’m SO happy for her now that he’s here. Also, I got to see the adorable Smush again, even though he was only in a few photos, I love the one I got of this little boy and his pup. I can’t wait to do more photos in a few months when Alexander’s sitting up. Enjoy!

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