Susan and John : Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Susan and John : Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

At every single wedding I shoot, I meet at least one family member or friend that I want to adopt, take home with me and make a member of my own family. At Susan and John’s wedding, that would be the father of the bride. Mr. N is one of a kind, an avid dancer (even I got spun around the dance floor for 30 seconds!), a true gentleman. He played a central role in this wedding.

First, he set a gold standard for Sue. It takes a lot for a guy to be worthy of Sue, I should think, because her dad is so wonderful. Second, he is at the heart of the commitment this couple is making in large part because their world revolves around caring for him as he ages. John told me, as we waited on the roof of reBar in Brooklyn for the bride to come up for their first look, he’s all in. Susan is, in his words, his happily ever after. He is worthy. He is in love. He is ready for the rest of his life to begin.

John, for his part, brings his children to the marriage, a fact that was reflected throughout the day in big ways and in small (like in the cake topper, for instance!) His boys were such polite, cooperative, awesome groomsmen. The newlyweds surprised his youngest with a cake of his own for his 13th birthday, which was also on Sunday. Susan isn’t just a step-mom; she’s a step-mom to three teenagers. She’s all in, too.

The bride and groom whispered secret promises to each other as part of their vows, which was just one of the little ways you could see how they build their lives around each other, creating a little world of their own. On Sunday, as their nearest and dearest ate, drank and were merry, that little world expanded, bringing everyone in, including them and illuminating them in their love.

I’m so pleased I could be a small part of that and document it! Congratulations, John and Susan!

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