Sneak Peek: Jessica and Dan

What can I tell you about Jess and Dan’s wedding? There were so many wonderful moments that you almost just had to be there for, but that’s okay because, you know, I took pictures to show you! :) First, let me say that one of the most beautiful things about Jess and Dan’s relationship is their faith. The pastor who married them on Saturday has been there for them through thick and thin this past year or two, and it was just lovely to see two people exchange vows in the same church where they first met in youth group in high school. They really love their church, and their church loves them.

And then, quite simply, they threw an amazing party, thanks in part to Spencer and Chris, the awesome DJs from Turntable Events for keeping the dance floor rockin’. Jess had a tied a string to her bouquet to do a fake-out toss, and her 85-year-old grandfather pretended to cut the cake with his cane before hurrying on to the dance floor to be the oldest single gentleman lined up to catch the garter.

On a personal note, this wedding was extra fun for me, not only because the groom did “the worm” but also because this was actually the SECOND wedding I’ve shot in Jessica’s family. She was a bridesmaid for her cousin Doreen, whose wedding I photographed in August of ’09. I love getting to see my couples and a few years after their wedding, laughing and dancing and enjoying their happily-ever-afters. Doreen’s sister, who was also a bridesmaid this past weekend AND in 2009, has become a mom. It’s so nice to see, and Jess and Dan, I know good things are in store for you both as well. I hope you’re settling into your new home and have a relaxing honeymoon in Jamaica, you’ve earned it. (Seriously, Dan was installing kitchen cabinets the morning of the wedding.) Congratulations!

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