Sneak Peek: Emily and Guilherme

Emily and Guilherme’s wedding was the perfect combination of emotions and whimsy. (The bride “Rick-rolled” the groom during her vows= AWESOME.) They got married in Glen Echo Park, a restored Art Deco amusement park outside of Washington, D.C. that was once the site of civil rights protests and is now a re-imagined playground, event venue and art space. The carousel is the only ride still in operation, and it was Emily’s “bridal wish” that all of the guests join the newlyweds in their first carousel ride as husband and wife. The reception was held in what was once the bumper car pavilion, decorated with paper poms and rainbow streamers. Guests came from as far away as Brazil for brunch, toasts, the horah, and cake that included a delicate rabbit topper in honor of Errol, Emily’s beloved bunny. (It’s not an accident that the bride and groom are pictured in this first photo with the carousel rabbit.) Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day! Mazel tov!

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