George and Christine: Rockland County Elopement Photographer

George and Christine: Rockland County Elopement Photographer

George and Christine had a beautiful September day for their courthouse wedding last Thursday. Weddings like this just go to show that you do not need live music or ice sculptures or fancy lighting or a big cake to have an amazing celebration.

Kristine’s friends and family came all the way from Germany to be in attendance, and her best friends surprised them outside the courthouse with a heart painted on a sheet they had to cut their way through. I’ve only seen this custom once before, for Sonja and Martin last October, but the teamwork and humor that this bride and groom approached this task with tells you everything you need to know about their love story.

The bride’s exuberance and the groom’s calm and steady demeanor- even when nine of us briefly got stuck in an elevator at the courthouse- makes for a partnership that will last for years to come. I hope you enjoy these photos for the rest of your lives together! Warmest wishes for a wonderful start to your new life together.

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