This weekend I shot the last of four weddings over the course of 17 months for adult siblings in the same family. First we had Steff and Ken back in November ’08. Then Brandi and Tim got married in Vegas, but had a reception that I photographed in Lancaster in May ’09. Heather and Dan tied the knot two days after Christmas. This past weekend was Emily and Travis’ turn.

I felt very sentimental about this being the last Liskey wedding, actually. After watching Travis video tape each of his sisters’ weddings and seeing Emily shine as the essential non-bridesmaid helper woman who always manages to keep things flowing behind the scenes, it was truly a joy to watch them exchange vows. It was finally their turn!

On a personal note, I love how often Travis and Emily make each other laugh. If there’s a secret ingredient that keeps Joel’s and my marriage happy and healthy, it’s laughter.

It has been a wonderful adventure, getting to know all the grandparents, favorite cousins and hilarious aunts and uncles (I’m lookin’ at you, Uncle Dennis, seen below jamming on a hot pink inflatable guitar), but it was also a privilege to get to know Emily’s side of the family as well.

They could not have been more welcoming and trusting when it came to some of my more unorthodox instructions for posing. Thank you so much! I’m glad I got to spend this time with each of you, and I hope the photos will bring you happy memories for years to come. I also gotta give a shout out to Jonnaysa Kirkham from Planned Perfection for being simply awesome.

Okay, enough chatter, check out the photos! :)

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Last Sunday, I worked with a makeup artist and stylist for a boudoir shoot in the studio. The thing is, they all have the same name. We ended up deciding on Jenny, Jen and Genesis to avoid confusion. Jen, the stylist and generous provider

of accessories, ended up in front of the camera, too!

Here’s a sneak preview of some of my favorites!

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On Saturday, I had the pleasure to photograph baby Talon and his mom and dad for a family session since his first birthday is coming up. Collin and Sheylo are amazing parents, so relaxed and happy, and I really wanted to capture that. I love how happy Talon’s books make him.

Happy birthday, little guy!

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Last week, I got the most intereting email. Haley had just been denied her fiancee visa, so she wasn’t able to return to Scotland, where she’d been living with her fiancee and planning her August wedding. Long story short, she was flying to New York from Oregon. Ross was flying in from the UK. They were going to get married in New York. Could I come take pictures? Yes! Three last-minute airline tickets were booked for the groom’s parents and brother, and everyone *just managed* to make it out of Heathrow before an Icelandic volcano grounded all the planes in and out of Europe. Whew!

The best news is that they’re legally hitched and can officially plan the rest of their lives, starting with a wedding in London this August…. which I just might get to shoot, too…. so exciting! Congratulations, you guys!

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Here’s a sneak preview of a family session I shot last Sunday in New Jersey! Hello, handsome! Hunter, who is almost one, was in a fantastic mood for our session, even though my presence was definitely mixing up his routine- a bottle BEFORE a fruit snack? Standing in the crib when it’s not naptime OR bedtime? Big portrait lights magically appearing in the living room while he was getting a diaper change? A bath in the middle of the day- what? what? what? And yet, he’s such a happy baby; he took it all in stride. Now I’ve got to get back to editing the rest of our shoot. Thank you, cuteness.

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