Three years ago, I shot my first-ever Trash the Dress session with a couple from Pennsylvania. They took the train to New York one evening after work, and all three of us were excited about attempting to take some underwater photos. All we needed was a pool, and since we going to start shooting at dawn, a place for my clients to catch a few winks. I started looking at various different options and found the Alexander Hamilton House, a B&B with a swimming pool.

I called the innkeeper and more or less asked, “Can I throw a bride in your pool, please? Oh, and could we perhaps barter a little bit for new photos of the rooms at the inn?” After making sure that I wasn’t going to bring in fancy studio lights and risk electrocuting anyone, Cydney’s answer was, more or less, “Hells yeah!”

That was 2007, so I was excited beyond belief when Cydney called me out of the blue in July. Was I up for shooting a wedding on a Tuesday? For Cyd? You better believe it! :)

Cydney is as effervescent as Jonathan is steady. She wore a beaded vintage hat on loan from a friend of her mother’s. He wore Brooks Brothers. The curve of his hand fits the curve of her waist, and the curve of her smile fits the curve of his heart, and together they are going to be amazing parents… sooner rather than later.

I should say that the vintage shotgun that makes an appearance for a few photos is strictly tongue-in-cheek. Everyone- not just the newlyweds but expectant grandparents, friends, and future aunts and uncles- can hardly wait to meet this baby. There is so much for this family to celebrate, and it was pleasure to share in their excitement as I photographed their wedding. Mazel tov, you guys, many times over!

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I have to start this post with my very favorite photo from Gwen and Jared’s wedding Sunday. To be fair, though, “my very favorite photo” changes every five minutes, so I’m picking this one and posting it before I change my mind. Again.

There’s really no way to describe how getting to be Gwen and Jared’s wedding photographer felt. I am going to try, though. Gwen has been one of my best friends since I was 13. I call her my sisterfriend, one of five girls from high school- six of us if you count me- who know my secrets, my foibles, my history and my heart. This was our sixth wedding in seven years. In that time, we’ve all either donned bridesmaid dresses, sung for each other, did ceremony readings, passed out programs, managed the guest book, or taken the pictures.

When Gwen and Jared got engaged, I was thrilled but not particularly surprised. It was obvious pretty early on that he was the one for her, and I almost can’t remember a time before they loved each other. I mean, of course I can. I can remember Gwen’s high school boyfriends and prom dates and crushes (totally your loss, Brandon the Hot.) ; I remember it all. Gwen and Jared have built a beautiful life together these past five years, and in a lot of ways, Sunday’s wedding is the cherry on top.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Being a wedding photographer for a friend means that I can say, “Look at this. Look at how beautiful you are. See how he looks at you. I captured it for you, and you’ll always have that. You LOVE him. He loves you, and I love you both.” And that’s what I hope the photos show you.

Congratulations, you guys. Now, go look at the photos! :)

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