This weekend Joel and I got to photograph Angela and Jason’s wedding at Peek ‘n Peak Ski Lodge and Golf Resort (there’s more golf than skiing at the moment, as you might have guessed) earlier today. Between Karla Cadeau coming in from Canada to help out with this huge event, plus an ongoing wine and jazz fest AND getting to see some awesome people I had a great time with at Michelle and Travis’ wedding in 2006, it felt like more fun than work. Congratulations, newlyweds! Your wedding was just awesome.

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You might remember when I blogged about a maternity session a couple of months ago with Teran and her husband Jim. Last weekend I got to meet their baby girl! Nila is 9-weeks-old and so, so sweet. It’s still so miraculous to me that the same little kicker who was inside just a few short months ago is actually here. Back in March, they asked if we could work a soccer ball into some of the shots, since both Teran and Jim play on the weekends. Shooting the parents’ wedding rings dangling on tiny toes is becoming kind of a trendy pose these days, but I have to say, it’s one of my favorites.

Nila is an absolute angel who really wasn’t a fan of my big portrait lights, so we posed her in some of her favorite places: the bath, the swing and in her parents’ arms. Still, that pouty lower lip just cracks me UP. Thank you so much for letting me spend so much time with your baby girl, you guys. You have a beautiful family, and I’m so happy for you.

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John and Terry eloped on Black Friday, but Saturday we spent the whole day doing a creative shoot all over Manhattan and Queens. You can see all of the photos by clicking here.

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