Katherine and Michael: Long Island Wedding Photographer

Katherine and Michael: Long Island Wedding Photographer

Sunday was Katherine and Michael’s wedding day! I just really like this couple. As I discovered during their engagement session, they are both incredibly easy to talk to. While it’s true that they love each other very much, you can also see the way their warmth and openness touches everyone they come in contact with.

Their friends and family really love them, tons and tons, and you can see that illustrated best in their relationships with their siblings. Katherine’s brother was her man of honor, but the groom Michael? He is the oldest of five. His two brothers were his best men, and their speeches were equal parts touching and hilarious. And yet, Katherine’s brother (who is also named Michael) is just like a brother, too. He did double duty in pictures, posing with Katherine’s bridespeople but also jumping into a couple of photos with the men in the wedding party. Plus, the way he made his entrance into the reception on the shoulders of the groom’s brothers…. Well, let’s just say it was kind of amazing.

But I have to say, it was most touching to see the way that Katherine has been so wholly accepted and loved by Michael’s younger sisters. They were awesome bridesmaids, helping her every step of the way throughout the day, knowing just when to jump in with StaticGuard for the bride’s cathedral-length veil or crack up the room with a lampshade-turned-hat. The most touching thing though, was their gift to Katherine as they helped her gather her “old, new, borrowed and blue.” Old, borrowed and blue were the things you might expect- a meaningful pin to put on her bouquet, for instance- but the gift that represented “new” was a photo of them in a frame. The bride’s “something new” was her new sisters.

And so the wedding was beautiful- great weather, lovely mass, happy couple, good music, delicious cake- but it was really the bonds of family and their wedding party’s unflagging support and enthusiasm that made it special.

Plus, Michael and Katherine make a great team. He’s a lawyer; she just passed the bar while simultaneously planning an elegant wedding for 175. They are honeymooning at an economics conference in Hong Kong. (They are REALLY excited about this.) It’s so fitting for a couple who talked economics on their first date. After all, one of Michael’s first gifts to Katherine was an early addition of a famous and historic book by economist Adam Smith.” They are so smart, so nice and so in love. I’m so happy to share these photos of a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple! All the best to you!

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