John and Patricia: Rockville Centre Wedding Photographer

John and Patricia: Rockville Centre Wedding Photographer

John and Patricia got married on Saturday at St. Anthony’s Church in Rockville Center. The weather was simply perfect, an ideal June day for a traditional Catholic wedding. It wasn’t too hot or too humid, just a truly gorgeous day.

John and Patricia incorporated a lot of special customs honoring the bride’s Filipino heritage, including having two sets of special sponsors. They also chose additional sponsors who honored them during the ceremony by draping them in a veil to symbolize clothing the two individuals as one, surrounding them with a yugal, or cord, symbolizing everlasting fidelity, and exchanging coins symbolizing their responsibilities to each other and their mutual commitment to their family’s future well-being and prosperity.

After a portrait session on the beautiful grounds of the church, we headed over to the Knights of Columbus for an amazing reception where the bride and groom continued to celebrate their marriage by honoring their loved ones all throughout the night. They observed almost every wedding custom you can think of, from a rockin’ entrance, to their first dance, a wedding party dance, blessings, toasts, words of welcome (I love that the bride’s father’s speech made her cry tears of joy!), parent dances, a special anniversary dance for the bride’s parents (married 33 years to theday!), a hilarious garter and bouquet toss, cake-cutting, a special performance by the father of the groom, the bride’s brothers and a niece or two, and finally, a money dance, where guests blessed the couple with good fortune and got a moment on the dance floor with the happy couple. All of the milestone moments of the night, interspersed with ceremonial shots of vodka or tequila and some awesome salsa dancing, really gave everyone present a change to celebrate with the couple and see how in love they are.

John said he knew Patricia was the one early on when they were dating. He sat down next to her during a trip to Philadelphia and said he could feel his heart beat. It was so obvious, as they slow danced to John Legend’s song “All of Me” that John and Trish have found their love of a lifetime. Tears coursed down the bride’s cheeks as John slowly spun her around to the lyrics: “All of me, Loves all of you, Love your curves and all your edges, All your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I’m winning.”

Here’s to a beautiful beginning! Congratulations, John and Patricia!

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