Jillian and Jared: Connnecticut Wedding Photographer

Jillian and Jared: Connnecticut Wedding Photographer

I arrived at Jillian and Jared’s wedding at what we photographers like to call “golden hour.” We had just a little time before the ceremony began, and the girls were all set for a few photos. Now, usually I pick my favorite photo of the happy couple to use as the first image in the sneak peek, but I hope Jared will forgive me for posting this one of Jillian by herself, because I think she looks absolutely ravishing.

Jillian and Jared’s wedding was everything so many brides are hoping for these days. I don’t just mean the vintage fashion, which was gorgeous. I’m not just referring to the peacock feathers, which were a stylish and eye-catching detail, or the even the candlelit atmosphere evoked by the 40s-inspired centerpieces and luminarias, although those were lovely, too.

Jared and Jillian are truly, madly, deeply in love. It was in the way Jillian started to tremble when she saw Jared’s signature on the ketubah (they signed separately), and in the way he looked at her as she played the cello as part of her vows (it was a surprise.) I am so happy to work with couples like them, and I know that the end of the beautiful wedding on Sunday was the start of a beautiful marriage. And now, without further ado- Jillian has been waiting literally ALL DAY to see these- I present your sneak peek!

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