Danielle and Scott: Falkirk Country Club Wedding Photographer

Danielle and Scott: Falkirk Country Club Wedding Photographer

She first knew she would marry him ten years ago. Scott explained why Dr. Pepper is far superior to Diet Dr. Pepper. Then, he smiled at her, and it hit her. This was her future spouse. They didn’t start “going out” until July 31, 2004, and they picked their wedding date- Friday the 13th- because it was the numerical inverse of their dating anniversary.

Danielle crinkles her nose when she smiles. Scott relaxes in Danielle’s embrace like nowhere else. Seriously, his whole posture changes when he puts his arms around her. After so many years, growing together and loving each other, their wedding day wasn’t really a new beginning. It was taking everything that was already good and turning it up to 11.

Their wedding day was a total blast. They are seriously one of the most low maintenance, chill couples I’ve been lucky enough to work with (Luck? On Friday the 13th? You best believe it!), and it was so nice to see their excitement as they took their vows and partied with their family and friends… Scott’s siblings- I HEART you guys. Thanks for breaking your long-held “someone flips the bird in every photo” tradition just for me. :)

Special thanks also to Tom Nycz for being my second photographer while Joel went to NASA’s Space Camp for Grownups/Teachers. If I can’t shoot alongside my spouse, then I TOTALLY love having the guy who went to the same college I did, at the same time I did, with the same professors and study abroad program I did, and then worked at the same newspaper I did, for almost the same years I was there, with the same editors I had. It’s like shooting beside the Male Brain Twin of Me. (#5, #7, #19, #44 and #48 are all Tom.) Thanks!

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    I looooove those champagne flutes! I am going to go on a mad search looking for them now.

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