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Carole-Anne and Cullen are the cutest couple! They’re both native Hawaiians finding themselves having their first baby in on the island of Manhattan. Our session on Sunday took place the day after Carole-Anne’s baby shower, so their place was full of balloons and other decorations, which worked so perfectly with the decor in the baby’s room that I almost couldn’t believe my luck! Then, we made our way to a carnival next door, where we found, among other things, an alpaca in Midtown. It was so surreal that we had to snap a photo with it before heading down to the Flatiron Building for some urban portraits that will hopefully compliment their beachy wedding portraits taken from a year ago. Thanks, you guys, for letting me capture the excitement of this change in your life. I can’t wait to return when the baby arrives!

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There was so much to love about Danielle and Micah’s wedding at the Bronx Zoo. Cocktail hour in the Madagascar exhibit! Their 12-day-old niece in a zebra bunting! The Halloween party theme!

The best thing, though, is the couple themselves. Danielle and Micah have been in love for thirteen years. They are wonderful together. When Danielle laughs, she doesn’t just giggle. She full on throws her head back and LAUGHS, and Micah just loves her. There’s no other way to describe it.

I was very lucky to have Tom Nycz accompany me as a second shooter. He is a friend of mine whom I’ve known since our darkroom days at Newhouse, though I got to know him much better during the five years we worked together at the newspaper. He’s dipping a toe in the wedding photography pond, so to speak, though he has a few permanent scars from a wedding he took on a couple years ago as a favor.

I kept telling him over and over again that 99% of my wedding client couples are amazing, the kind of people you want to have as friends. After we rode around on a tram taking pictures throughout the zoo, he said, “You know, if I knew for sure that every couple would be even remotely as awesome as these guys are, wedding really could be fun to shoot.” And I’m all, “Told ya!”

I don’t want to jinx myself, but seriously, my last six or seven couples have so great that I want to make them all be friends with me if they aren’t already (Gwen and Alison holla!) See, you thought you were just getting a wedding photographer, but NOW YOU’RE ALL GOING TO GET HOLIDAY CARDS FROM ME FOR LIFE MWAH HA HA HA!

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There were so many things I loved about Bill and Jess’s wedding! The bride and groom’s families were so warm and welcoming. Joel and I felt at home right away. It was a gorgeous, windy October day, which made Jess’s custom veil (with purple calla lilies accents!) do amazing things.

I’ve shot a few weddings in Connecticut in the past month, and each time, the leaves were just not quite as vibrant with autumnal colors as I would have hoped from New England. They seemed to be changing late this year, which was great for Bill and Jess… I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that it wouldn’t rain so we could take lots of photos outside.

Bill and Jess planned a full two hours for photos, which means both David from Fairy Tale Studio and I had a lot of time to do really creative things, but neither of us were anticipating a leaf fight… (Love it!)

We got so lucky during the ceremony, when the church just filled with gorgeous light during a family blessing, and then again when there was an ice cream truck parked outside immediately after mass.

They were serenaded by Kermit the Frog (with a little help from the maid of honor) for their first dance, and there *may* have been a second “Thriller” dance lead by yours truly, which Jess specifically requested after reading the entry below. This is going to become a thing now, I think. It is, isn’t it?

Anyway, I had two weddings back to back this weekend, which I almost never, ever do. I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of my kickass second shooter (and husband) Joel, who so often doesn’t get enough credit. This weekend he drove us back late, charged up all the batteries and re-packed all the gear so I could shoot another wedding on Sunday. (More on that later!) Thank you, honey.

Okay, enough chatter from me, check out the photos! Congratulations you guys! Have fun in Mexico!

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