Bethany and Darrin: Kaaterskill Wedding Photographer

Bethany and Darrin: Kaaterskill Wedding Photographer

Bethany and Darrin’s wedding was one after my own heart, truly, and not just because they’re an ethnically Italian/culturally Jewish couple (like me and Joel) who chose to do to both the horah and the tarantella at the reception (Haven’t seen that since my own wedding!) They had their ceremony and reception at the Kaaterskill, a farm/inn in the Catskills with a pond, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas as well as eclectic but upscale accommodations and a converted barn where the reception was held. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Seriously, I could shoot every weekend at the Kaaterskill and not get bored.

They did so many lovely things to take care of each other all day long. They were both nervous and, as Darrin said during a thank you speech later on at the reception, on “an emotional roller coaster all day,” but I knew as soon as Bethany saw Darrin for their first look, everything would fall into place. And it did! They both laughed and wept tears of joy throughout the day, and I’m so glad they decided to take ten minutes alone after the ceremony to be together privately. They center each other and balance each other, which is just the best foundation for marriage (in my humble opinion, of course.) It makes me really happy for them.

Also, I have to thank them for being such good sports and going the extra mile to get great photographs together. No doubt, they deserve some sort of intrepid explorer wedding photography merit badge. We went under AN ELECTRIC LIVESTOCK FENCE and then Bethany climbed down some rocks BAREFOOT (it was safer than high heels) to get to the waterfall. I was happily clicking away for a solid five minutes as they stood in a sunny patch, not realizing that how hot the rocks must be until Bethany oh-so-politely called out, “Angie? Um, my feet are burning.” To the shade!

Congrats, you guys! Thank you so much for having me be the one to capture these memories for you.

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